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Firm and Indomitable,Exert oneself constantly

DISCOVERY DENIM is a modern enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, production, and sales of denim fabrics, as well as brand operations. It is located in the new textile and apparel industrial zone of Chengui Town, Daye City. In 2010, under the call of Daye City Government to devote itself to creating a "new central capital denim", it invested in new construction. The building is cover 500 acres,  and has a textile production organization such as a dyeing plant, a weaving plant, a finishing plant, a sewage treatment plant, and a power thermal power plant, forming a complete textile and apparel industry chain with independent import and export management rights. Emerging conglomerate denim fabric producer in the central region.

The company has a superior location and a beautiful environment. It has carefully created six functional blocks such as office, production, living, thermal power, environmental protection, and reception. It adopts international advanced equipment in the same industry. The first phase of the project was completed and put into operation in September 2013. At present, there are nearly 625 employees in the factory, more than 80% of whom are localized, and 480 looms have been installed. In 2014, the company's quality management passed international ISO certification, the environmental assessment report passed the environmental protection department review, and the brand culture won the industry innovation award. Achieve annual output value of 2 billion dollars.

DISCOVERY DENIM is committed to environmental friendly. Successively passed the national ISO quality system, ISO4001 environmental system, energy management system, OEKO-TEX, organic cotton, GRS, RCS, BCI, REPREVE and other certifications.

The company's scientific planning, with first-class talent team, first-class management services, first-class equipment technology, always adhere to the "customer-oriented, service first, quality first, innovation as the soul" philosophy, and constantly improve Discovery Denim products "Six good" performance construction of "new varieties, good quality, good price, fast time, strong ability, and good service", going to the world with the "Discovery Denim" trademark brand, and laying the foundation for sustainable development of the company with excellent quality solid foundation. The people of Discovery Denim take "Shunde as an action, enrich the people and strengthen the country" as their mission. They are enthusiastic, pragmatic, professional and efficient, innovative and enterprising, and determined to elevate the company's development to a new height.

Hubei Chengui DISCOVERY DENIM Clothing Co., Ltd.
CEO Message
Dedicated to building professional brand of jeans industry
CEO Message

"Come to the East with purple air, return to the nest with swallow,on this fertile soil called bird's nest,Nurturing the wealth and dreams of the wealthy Discovery Denim Avenue is like a link that Connect Shun Fu textile and Chen Gui town closely.

"For many years,Daye municipal Party committee and government vigorously invite business and attract investment and look for substituted industry,put forward to build a new cowboy capital in Central China.

We-DISCOVERY DENIM is not only the pioneer of Chen Gui's textile and garment mood and but also is Leading enterprises of industrial Park.We devote ourself to build the first brand of jeans industry ,that brand is Discovery Denim.

"DISCOVERY DENIM & Garment CO.LTD establishes enterprise's purpose of following the path of virtue, enriching the people and strengthening the country ,by relying on the advantage of ""favorable time, favorable place and harmonious people"" in Chengui Town ,setting up enterprise's spirit of firming Indomitable,exerting oneself constantly.

"In the line of management,we always adhere to the philosophy of Organizing operations like an army,Learning and growing like a school,warm life like a family,It has created a good corporate core culture system for the future development of Discovery Denim.

"We have a construction area of 800 Mu and a total investment of 840 million yuan,from the research, development, design, production and sales of denim fabrics and modern enterprise integrated with brand operation,More than 1430 sets of first-class equipment at home and abroad, such as Belgium and Hong Kong, have been introduced by Discovery Denim company,we have established pulp dyeing factory, weaving factory,after treatment plant,Power Plant,sewage-treatment plant where have formed a complete denim fabric industry chain.

With a first-class talent team,first class management services and first class equipment technology, we always adhere to the concept of "customer-oriented",service first, quality first.

Dedicated to building professional brand of jeans industry
Service tenet
To follow the path of virtue, to enrich the people and to strengthen the country
Our Purpose
Firm and Indomitable,Exert oneself constantly
Development Path
Take the road of brand development,Let Shunfu walk up to the World
Team Spirit
Unity, dedication, responsibility, gratitude, innovation, enterprising, optimistic and dedicated
DISCOVERY DENIM is most promising Chinese denim factory
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